Modus operandi

CRIET responds to the demands of the territory through an innovative work method, a method that allows various stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge, resources and tools at various levels. The modus operandi of CRIET is flexible and modular: the type of intervention on the territory, together with the actions and the level of participation of partners are decided, according to the specific needs to be met.

Figure 1 summarizes the CRIET work method and shows the multiple interactions between levels and types of opportunities that may arise.

Modalità operative

CRIET can run three different types of projects:

  • Spot projects: limited in time and focused on a specific need. The aim is to intervene with a timely and targeted action;
  • Continuous Projects: constant monitoring of a phenomenon or trend. The aim is to provide a solid and updated base on the phenomenon in order to identify new development opportunities. Action consists in periodic and repeated surveys over time;
  • Framework Projects: larger projects, which may include differentiated initiatives that share the same topic. The aim is to deal with complex issues by adopting diversified approaches.

Always as shown in Figure 1, the different projects can result in actions that may be:

  • Tailored projects: value-added actions, that are designed and implemented in collaboration with selected partners;
  • Research projects: research activities aimed at identifying innovative solutions for businesses, public institutions and policy makers. These type of projects can consist in basic research or funded research;
  • Educational programmes: activities for which CRIET acts as a catalyst for analysis and discussion, making other universities, authorities, public and private subjects collaborate and promoting its training programmes.

An extensive online and offline communication activity ensure the dissemination of the results achieved in the various projects, as well as the involvement of all actors. Among the tools and channels used by CRIET there are the CRIET Incontra’s conferences and the website.

The partners of CRIET can take part in the Centre’s activities by sharing resources and knowledge, contributing to sponsorship, as well as planning content and actions on the territory jointly.