Raw Materials

KIC Raw Materials: LEGO – Listening to Enterprises to Get Opportunities – project’s result

In Europe, the raw materials industry is a crucial resource for the sustainable development of its Member States (EU, Agenda 2020). Europe depends on imports of strategically important raw materials, which are increasingly influenced by market distortions. Ensuring reliable and non-distorted access to raw materials is increasingly becoming an important factor for the competitiveness of European companies.

In this context, KIC RM – Knowledge Innovation Community on Raw Material – is a consortium of European excellence active in various capacities in the field of raw materials that, by funding research projects, aims to increase the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector through innovation and entrepreneurship.

LEGO – Listening to Enterprises to Get Opportunities, is a project funded by the KIC and aims to provide “on-demand” support to companies in their decision-making process in terms of strategic analysis, market analysis and identification of opportunities business, especially in the “Critical Raw Materials” supply chain. Born with the Zanardi Fonderie pilot case, LEGO have identified business opportunities for the company.

In addition to illustrating the results of the project, the day aims to bring together representatives of companies, universities as well as institutions,  to present the framework of opportunities that companies can benefit from for access to funding sources that help the development of innovation.