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60° of the National Hydrocarbon Mining and Geo-Resources office

For the 60th since the establishment of the National Mining Office for Hydrocarbons and Geo-resources, the General Directorate for Safety, including Environmental, of Mining and Energy Activities will present the volume UNMIG 1957-2017. The publication stems from the desire to tell the story of mining activities. A story that starts from afar, from the Royal Body of the ‘800 Mines going through the fifties, when the UNMIG was born, and arriving until the 2000s and the current General Direction, the DGS-UNMIG.

The book passes through images and textual contributions signed by General Managers, officials, collaborators, managers, university professors, experts and personalities from the past and present. From the text emerges as in these sixty years of activity, the UNMIG has been protagonist of fundamental steps and transformations and promoter of specific norms on the safety in the upstream activities; participating in the negotiations for the agreements on the delimitation of the Italian continental shelf to allow mining activities in offshore; confronting the great legislative reforms of the nineties on administrative decentralization; organizing the activities in relation to the new European regulations and actively contributing to the drafting of Regulations and Directives.

All these activities and many others come together in the mission that even today the DGS-UNMIG has in ensuring the safety of operations, installations and people.