Business observatory MB 2014. Research and innovation as strategic weapons: a focus on Brianza

Thanks to the businesses in the province of Monza and Brianza a significant portion of the added value of our national economic system is concentrated in this area. In this context, Confindustria Monza and Brianza in collaboration with CRIET presents the results of the fourth edition of the ‘Monza and Brianza observatory report’, which is an annual survey of the affiliated companies of Confindustria Monza and Brianza. The issues addressed are varied but they are all crucial for the competitiveness of businesses; research and innovation, marketing and communication, internationalization and access to credit. The survey also includes the the observatory’s findings on credit, in which the companies surveyed expressed their views on the relationship between business and credit companies. The knowledge-base built by the Monza and Brianza observatory, in these first four years of activity, offers the associates of Confindustria Monza and Brianza a continuous and extensive monitoring of the economy of the Territory of Monza and Brianza province area. Entrepreneurs and experts will be meeting at the conference to reflect on which can be the drivers of competitiveness of Territory of Monza and Brianza province companies, with the aim of promoting a network of collaborations among its protagonists and identifying new and effective developmental paths.

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