‘Business plan’ – workshop: ‘Together for the territory – generational transition and internationalization’

The launch of the event ‘Together for the territory – generational transition and internationalization’ is an important starting point for helping local entrepreneurs to become aware of the fundamental issues which are important for the competitiveness of their businesses. In fact, access to credit, the process of internationalization and the generational transition are strategic issues for businesses as they enable them to expand their businesses, to secure over time, a position of sustainable competitive advantage and to properly identify the necessary actions to be taken to ensure an appropriate continuity in the management of their businesses.

Today the competitiveness of every single business is increasingly dependent on the ability to establish relations with companies and institutions in their own geographical area.

In fact ‘Together for the territory’ hopes to be an opportunity to foster a link between the entrepreneurial, institutional and university worlds in order to develop the knowledge and skills capable of strengthening the competitiveness of the local business network.

The launch event will be followed by further 6, theme-specific meetings aimed at entrepreneurs interested in the single themes proposed.