How to build a territory development strategy

The economic-financial crisis, burst out in 2008,  has radically transformed the competitive scenario of many countries, including Italy.

Nowadays, the competitiveness of every single firm depends more and more on its ability to build relational networks with other firms and institutions within its territory. From this viewpoint, the territory itself should no longer be considered as a simple “object” of study, but should become a laboratory and a competitive arena in which create value by enhancing organizational peculiarities and skills.

Therefore, unlike those who look for the solution for the development of the competitiveness of both firms and territories based on models inspired by international schemes, typically Anglo-Saxon ones, starting from the competitive scenario analysis and reflecting on firms, economic and financial trends and on the main sectors of activity of a specific territory seem to be the most correct “recipe” to make a contribution to the solution of concrete problems affecting the territorial economic systems. Understanding how to build a strategy to develop the competitiveness of both firms and territories, by putting together knowledge and skills of the different actors operating within the territory, becomes crucial.

To this end, developing collaborations between the different territory actors becomes essential in order to formulate and industrialize new theories, models and managerial tools, and to create an excellence center that can attract the most competitive national and international realities.


Presentazione Prof. Di Gregorio