Marketing innovation

Circular economies between production and marketing. Models and experiences compared

In the dynamics of the market, a topic that is assuming great importance and relevance is that of circular economies. Circular economies refer to business models that go beyond the traditional production-consumption-disposal (linear economy) approach, moving towards production-consumption-recycling / reuse models (circular economy). With the aim of maximizing the use of products and minimizing the consumption of raw materials, the circular model requires companies to adopt technologies and business models that are based on longevity, renewability, reuse, repair, update, sharing knowledge and dematerialization. The possible contribution in the definition of the marketing and communication policy is also significant.

One of the most challenging aspects is that circular economies lead companies towards a new way of doing business. Through appropriate choices both in terms of production and online and offline communication, it is possible to make the efficiency of production systems coexist with a better reputation and, ultimately, a more favorable competitive positioning with respect to competitors.

The conference investigates the possible impacts of circular economies on business performance and business reputation, also in light of the digital transformation underway, identifying business challenges and opportunities, as well as implications of governance and research that stem from the need to revise the relationship between supply and demand.

Firstly, the conference will be devoted to the preview presentation of the results of a quantitative survey on a national scale that saw the administration of a questionnaire with CAWI method (Computer Assisted Web Interview), addressed to owners and managers of the main companies operating all over Italy. Then, the results of the research will be discussed and compared with the direct experiences of the companies of the round table. Through these best practices, it will thus be possible to glimpse the effects of circular economies on very different sectors.



Presentazione UNIMIB - Danilo Porro
Presentazione dei risultati - Professori Frey & Di Gregorio
Presentazione BRITA - Lorenzo Sarvello
Presentazione ENEA - Francesca Cappellaro