Marketing innovation

Employee commitment and Employer Branding. Challenges and solutions at the time of social media

Internal communication has always been a strategic asset for business success, but it is now essential understand that this tool could be an important opportunity during the digital transformation. On one hand, understanding the opportunities offered by technological innovation is  crucial for better employee engagement, but, on the other hand, it has also significant repercussions  on the branding policies of the company as a whole.

Today, adequate employee engagement and employer branding strategies allow employees to act as true marketers who use social networks to communicate real-time news and opinions about the company they work for. At the same time, the activity on the employees’ social networks can allow the company to expand its range of action, reaching a larger audience and generating new qualified contacts. It becomes crucial to share the strategies and policies for the use of social networks with its employees, as well as to prepare effective measures in advance that allow the management of cases in which employees do not like their company and express it through social networks.

The CRIET Incontra conference will be a moment of confrontation between the academic and business world, during which experts in communication and HR will be able to debate and discuss the use of new technologies in the company, identifying together the best solutions to support an active and conscious involvement of employees in communication activities through social networks.


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