Brianza Business Meeting – A new partner in the region

The ‘Brianza business meeting’, is organized by ‘Action Group’ in collaboration with the ‘Order of Chartered Accountants’ and ‘Accountants of Monza and Brianza’, CRIET, ‘Datev Koinos’, the ‘Poste Italiane’ group, ‘Credito Artigiano’, ‘A Norma’, ‘Giuffrè Editore ‘and ‘HS – Helpware Studi’. The ‘Brianza business meeting’ is a meeting which offers an opportunity to deepen the understanding of some of the most important, relevant business issues, where professionals and companies can confront the problematic concerns and develop operational solutions to these concerns in the light of the specific needs found within the region’s business network.

The Order of Chartered Accountants and the Accountants of Monza and Brianza has, in CRIET, discovered a new partner in the region, which can contribute to the sharing of knowledge and skills and to the support of the development of the local economic system.

The activities which have been jointly identifed as priorities are as follows:
• Consultancy services for members
• Collaboration with the ‘Brianza Business’ magazine
• University masters courses
• Observatory functions