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Energy activities – Safety as a hub for technological innovation

CRIET and the Directorate General for Safety, National Mining Office for Hydrocarbons and Georesources (DGS UNMIG), in collaboration with RSE, present the main results of the “offshore security network”, a DGS UNMIG initiative which, since 2014, brings together Universities, Research Institutions and Armed Forces to ensure the maximum safety of activities in the hydrocarbon sector, through the improvement, application and sharing of knowledge in the scientific field.

Valuing the importance and the strategic nature of technological innovation in the security field, the “offshore security network” will propose an update on the status of the research activities in progress describing the main evidences of their projects.

In this delicate transitional phase towards a ‘low carbon’ economy, it is essential to discuss the economic, technological, social and cultural conditions that today explain the need for new technologies to tackle effectively and sustainably the change. The representatives of associations, local administrations, and businesses will participate in a round table dedicated to the issue of innovative technologies, with particular attention to the benefits for environmental sustainability and synergies with other contexts in which effective tools are required for monitoring and prevention of environmental risks.