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Federalism and energy: how to unite regional responsibilities and objectives for national energy security

Since the entry into force of law 3/2001 part V of the Italian Constitution one of the most controversial topics has been the possibility of creating an efficiently safe, national energy system. Italy has a dependency on primary energy sources of around 85% of total domestic consumption and as the few available resources are running out, by 2025 the national dependence is expected to  be 95% (source: IEA).

In this context, the energy issue which is covered by current legislation, is likely to be even more exacerbated by the possibility that the recent draft law on fiscal federalism may also include an excise tax on regional energy autonomy. In particular there are many problems connected with both the infrastructure development of the electricity and natural gas markets and the authorization and development of new infrastructures. To this scenario we need to add the new joint objectives of sustainable development (CO2 reduction) and the development of renewable sources.

In this framework the aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for reflection on the following topics:

  1. The identification of the role of the regions in the new federal model, with reference to national energy strategy objectives
  2. The models of reference in order to make the authorization process simpler with respect to the sharing of responsibilities between national strategy and regional objectives
  3. The role of the regions within the shared objectives of environmental sustainability and the development of renewable energy sources.

CRIET’s research is the first step towards the establishment of a permanent monitoring body on the development of an institutional and legal framework related to the energy sector.