Forecasting business crises

The context of reference, ever-more global and uncertain, and the lack of a ‘culture of crisis’ within the network of small and medium-sized Italian companies, are a strong test of the capacity of companies and external stakeholders to anticipate and deal with business crises in time. At present, the external environment is characterized by a multitude of elements that make the survival and competitiveness of businesses difficult.

The research ‘Forecasting a business crisis’ addresses the issue of a business crisis, developing a deeper awareness of its nature and refing the definitions of this phenomenon and thereby developing an innovative model, based on ‘Case-based reasoning’, one of the most important research methods in the area of artificial intelligence.

The focus of the research is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the area of Monza and Brianza which, from the point of view of business management, have undergone a profound change over the last few years.


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