Health economics

Hub & Spoke. Appropriateness of care and new management solutions in healthcare

The lengthening of life prospects has been translating in recent years into a greater incidence of chronic diseases that determine a greater incidence of health care spending.

In the current context, characterized by the presence of severely limited resources, the increase of life expectancy has created the so-called paradox of modern medicine, which is facing the dizzying increase in chronic diseases as a result of socio-demographic change.

With the ministerial decree 2 April 2015 n. 70 the organizational structure and models of the National Health System and its networks have been radically redesigned. New organizational models were outlined focusing on the centrality of the client / patient and on the concept of appropriateness of care and, at the same time, aimed at rationalizing national healthcare expenditure.

The managerial model Hub & Spoke is today the most effective response to the needs of health agencies as it allows to move from a mono-specialist conception to the realization of a path of care for the client / patient built on his needs in a multi view – integrated system specialization.

The conference CRIET Incontra is dedicated on outline the peculiarities and strengths of the organizational model Hub & Spoke and on discuss the critical issues that may arise from the application of this new management solution in the health sector.


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