Public lighting and Smart City

The Cahier de Doléances of the Smart City. A digital platform to support urban renewal

The Cahier de Doleances project, promoted by ENEA in collaboration with CRIET – Research Center on Land Economics, intends to involve the various stakeholders involved in the redevelopment and modernization of public lighting systems, in order to identify the critical issues that have emerged in the performance of these activities. The project has already partly materialized in a document that has collected the first administrative, legal and bureaucratic problems, the possible areas for improvement and the priority interventions highlighted by the working group.

However, the objective of the project is to involve the greatest number of operators in the sector. For this reason, an Internet forum has been created, through which the accredited subjects – also anonymously – will be able to make public the “imperfections” detected in the design and implementation of the requalification activities and / or propose possible improvements and solutions. The bottom-up approach favors the widest possible participation, guarantees a proactive contradictory and allows to bring out the lights and shadows that characterize the national lighting industry today.

The conference of November 14, 2019, organized by ENEA in collaboration with CRIET, will be a moment of confrontation between all the subjects involved in the efficiency of public lighting networks and, at the same time, it will be an opportunity to develop the “Cahier de Doleances ”at a more articulated and broad level. After a brief presentation of the project, the reasons and the purposes that led to its realization, the main operators of the sector and the major experts will present the critical points and possible solutions that emerged in the context of the Cahier de Doléances. Finally, peculiarities and methods of operation of the online forum will be presented.


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