Public lighting and Smart City

Il Dialogo Competitivo: guidelines for the Public Administration

The project Guidelines for the Dialogo Competitivo, promoted by ENEA in collaboration with CRIET – Interuniversity Research Center on Land Economy, was born from the desire to shed light on the regulatory principles and on the procedure od Dialogo Competitivo as an institute for awarding contracts redevelopment of public infrastructure.

The Guidelines for the Dialogo Competitivo are addressed to municipal administrations that intend to undertake a process of requalification and modernization of public lighting systems and, more generally, of urban renewal through this innovative legal institution, describing the regulatory references, the principles for the drafting of the notice and the criteria for the evaluation of the various proposals made by the economic operators.

The conference therefore wants to be a moment of confrontation on the issue of Competitive Dialogue between all the subjects involved in various capacities. After a brief presentation of the project, the reasons and the aims that led to the creation of the Guidelines, the word will be given to the main operators in the sector and to the major experts on the issues of urban regeneration and the institution of the Dialogo Competitivo to present their peculiarities and how it works. In particular, the experience of the Municipality of Livorno will be presented, a pilot project of urban renewal, realized through the Dialogo Competitivo as a tool for comparison with the operators of the sector for the identification of the most suitable solutions for the redevelopment of public lighting systems in key smart.


Intervento Avv. Battiston