Integrated working systems. Opportunities for micro and small businesses: representational systems and credit access instruments

Networking is a key requirement for micro and small businesses to maintain their individuality and to sieze the opportunities that can help their development. However, networking, thinking that you can solely use the potential and almost infinite resources that the development of information theoretically makes available, is not, on its own, the solution. Networking by selecting the knowledge, the information, and opportunities that such a representational system can offer is the effective response: it is INTEGRATED WORKING. It is on this new frontier of INTEGRATED WORKING SYSTEMS that ‘Confartigianato Aziendali Piemonte Orientale’ has developed its commitment to micro and small businesses. INTEGRATED WORKING means providing substance and solid opportunities to businesses, therefore it is necessary to identify partners who have the specific skills to build ‘tailor-made’ solutions and interventions that can be used as a system for each of the micro and small businesses. ‘Confartigianato’ has identified the BNP-Paribas Group, through BNL and Artigiancassa, as a partner who can provide professionalism and intervention tools to facilitate access to credit and financial benefits, which are increasingly often only initiated at national level with high levels of complexity to deal with. During the conference examples of concrete actions made through agreements to use the ‘system’ will be illustrated, new objectives will be proposed and awareness of the opportunities for INTEGRATED WORKING SYSTEMS will be developed.