Marketing innovation

‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) Conference

CRIET will participate in the ‘Soiel International’ event which will be held in Turin on March 30th, 2017, with a contribution entitled, ‘The internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0: the managerial challenges for businesses and how to grasp the opportunities’.

CRIET’s participation will focus on the fact that today, the multitude of applications available on the ‘IoT’ are an important opportunity for businesses’ competitiveness, as they open the way for new channels and touchstones with customers and lead to an optimal reconfiguration of the value chain. Seizing the opportunities from ‘IoT and industry 4.0’ means not only optimizing business processes, but above all, setting up 100% integration strategies. To take the road to success, businesses are therefore called upon to effectively face the new managerial challenges posed by the current competitive environment, both in organizational and marketing terms. The participation will be an opportunity to consider together the impact of digital transformation on business life.

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