Investing wisely

The entry into force of the new legislation of the so-called ‘bail-in’, combined with the long-term effects of the crisis have put new emphasis on the importance of the financial soundness of Italian banks. The provision of adequate asset and liquidity buffers on the one hand and the ability to generate good economic performance on the other, are the necessary conditions to ensure sound bank management.

Understanding the principles that underpin the judgement of a bank’s soundness is extremely useful in examining, not only the current state of health of Italian banks, but also to understand their ability to respond successfully to future challenges.The ‘BNL-BNP Paribas’ group and CRIET organized a meeting in order to outline this problem clearly.

The meeting was held on April 19 in the auditorium of the university of Milan-Bicocca, U12, Via Vizzola 5, 20126, Milan, to discuss the opportunities for a better management of savings with the public.

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