Raw Materials

‘KIC – Raw materials’ project

‘KIC – Raw materials’ is a partnership created by the EU and capable of linking training, research and industrial innovation to the areas of non-food and non-energy, raw materials, which can present problems for the European industries who use them, such as; supply issues, shortages, price issues, illegal international trade and so on.

The ‘KIC Raw Materials’ project involves the participation of CRIET and the University of Milan-Bicocca as part of the Italian team led by ENEA.

A team will be established to plan innovative, integrated and multi-disciplinary training activities in synergy with existing University structures. This will involve planning high-level, training initiatives with the creation of new doctoral and masters’ courses, as well as courses for industry professionals.
Below is a list of funded projects in which CRIET and the University of Milan-Bicocca are involved:

  1. REFRESCO – Professional Refresher Courses
  2. RAMSES – Advanced School on Critical Raw Materials Substitution for Energetics and Photonics
  3. EXTREME – Substitution of CRMs in components and coatings used under extreme conditions
  4. LEGO – Listening to Enterprises to Get Opportunities