Sustainable development and circular economies

Agriculture is child’s play

Agriculture, a production sector considered impervious to innovation and scarcely sensitive to market demands, today instead expresses a demand for explicit and punctual technological innovation, mostly aimed at improving the quality of production, saving energy and the natural resources used in the production process – water and agricultural soil -, to the minimum processing and the introduction of information technology in precision agriculture. The results begin to be seen and the installation of young, passionate and enterprising farmers is an important example.

This phenomenon is favored not only by common agricultural policies, but certainly also by the market conditions of agricultural prices and the appropriate structural conditions that will allow permanence and new accesses. To all this is added the ability to make young farmers who explore new market routes and innovate tradition, re-proposing it in the new conditions of food demand.

In light of the changes taking place, the event organized by CRIET and Casa dell’Agricoltura is proposed as a moment to examine the new figure of the agricultural entrepreneur and the new tools made available to him, through the direct testimony of some successful Italian experiences told from young farmers who have started innovative businesses starting from the traditional family business or starting from scratch and buying a plot of land


Presentazione Prof. Banterle
Presentazione Prof. Di Gregorio