Public lighting and Smart City

Lumière Training Day. The aggregation of municipal authorities for the purpose of upgrading public lighting facilities.

For many years local governments have realized the importance of launching a project for the upgrading of the lighting facilities present on their areas. However, the municipal authorities don’t always have the necessary technical instruments and finance to make their lighting networks modern and safe.

The desire to offer the means to reconcile the need to respect the legislative budgetary constraints with the opportunity to undertake the task of upgrading energy efficiency, has led to diverse forms of bodies being entrusted by local authorities to achieve this important result.

The training day, promoted by CRIET and ENEA under the auspices of the ‘Lumière’ project and realized with the assistance of ANCI Lombardy and Fondazione Romagnosi, represents an opportunity for discussion and debate on these issues which are increasingly central in the context of public lighting.


Intervento Battiston
Intervento De Piccoli
Intervento Spagoni
Intervento Dellomonaco