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Marketing Innovation Hub (MIH) – The role and performance of social media in business management – 2nd edition

Social media is increasingly the object of attention and interest from companies. The presence of consumers who access social media platforms daily is now indispensable for companies wishing to maintain a competitive position in the market. However, achieving this goal requires that management not only knows which social tools are available, but also the strategic approaches and operating solutions for their correct and effective use.

CRIET, in collaboration with ‘LeFAC – TBS Group’ and ‘IPSOS’, on June 21st 2017 will present the second edition of their research, ‘The role and performance of social media in business management’, at the university of Milan-Bicocca. An event to which last year, almost 300 Italian companies participated.

During the ‘CRIET Meets’ conference the results of the study, investigating the ways in which businesses utilize social media, will be explored by comparing the data presented in the June 2016 conference. During the conference, work experts and professionals will analyse and discuss the research results and important figures from the entrepreneurial business world will present the experiences of companies which are active in the Italian market and which have long been aware of the transformations imposed on businesses by the advent of social media.

Participation in the event is free.


Presentazione Marketing Innovation Hub - Professor Di Gregorio
Presentazione dei risultati Università Milano-Bicocca
Presentazione dei risultati IPSOS Italia