Marketing innovation

MIH – III Social Observatory. Performance of social media between opportunities and privacy

The speed with which technologies and tools of the digital world and social media evolve has radically transformed the way of doing marketing and communication. So, how can we rethink the approaches to digital and social media marketing based on innovations and emerging trends? The research carried out by CRIET, in collaboration with – TBS Group and IPSOS, tries to provide an answer and to guide marketers in the choice of the related strategies, highlighting which management methods and tools allow to obtain greater efficiency and better performance. The strategic choices will have to be even more weighted in light of the “revolution” of the new privacy rules, the General Data Protection Regulation, for all GDPR. In fact, the GDPR, which came into force on 25 May 2018, is having a major impact on how companies use digital tools and social media to promote their products and services.

During the conference CRIET Meet “Observatory Social III edition. Performance of social media between opportunities and privacy “, the results of a study involving over 200 companies operating in Italy and the effects of the new GDRP will be presented. The event will be an opportunity for managers, experts and professionals to compare the results of research and to share ideas, knowledge and direct experiences.


Presentazione Enrico Billi, Ipsos
Presentazione Matthieu De Montgolfier, TBS
Presentazione dei Risultati di Ricerca