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MIH – The role and performance of social media in business management

The competitive landscape in which companies operate is experiencing major, important changes following the introduction of modern 2.0 communications’ technologies. Despite the fact that social media is now widely used, it is crucial to know which management strategies and tools will best enable companies to gain greater efficiencies and obtain better performance in order to guide their relative business strategies.

CRIET, in collaboration with the ‘FAC-TBS Group’ and ‘IPSOS’, has conducted research into ‘The role and performance of social media in business management’, a study involving around 300 companies in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

During the ‘CRIET Meets’ conference, the findings of the research, which investigated how widespread the use of social media was and in what ways it was being utilised, will be disclosed. In this way the goals and activities of businesses using social media will be outlined along with the companies’ reflections on how to use this tool; the platforms used, the budget allocation, organizational management, the ways of measuring the impact of this tool and perceptions as to the effectiveness of using social media and their possible negative aspects.

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