Raw Materials

‘Observatory on raw materials 2015’. The economic impact of the regulatory framework on Italian extractive companies. An economic-legal analysis

The research highlights the trends in the Italian extractive sector of non-energy raw materials during the difficult economic environment of recent years. The observatory, after the 2012and 2013,

editions, aims to provide a picture of the economic, financial and asset stability of the industry, using the financial statements deposited by the sector’s businesses.

Along with this line of inquiry, in the 2015 edition, a legal analysis of the economic and corporate impact of the regulation will be developed, with reference both to the framework of licensing procedures and to the framework of sanctioning procedures.

Fundamentally, the observatory has a dual objective; on the one hand, to present a historical perspective  from the continuous monitoring of the industry in terms of business balances and on the other hand, to highlight the effects and costs of the regulatory system and the practices that relate to it, taking into account the time restriction of the authorization procedure, and also taking into account the repressive nature of the system, with so many and so varied levels of competencies and interests to take care of.


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