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CONNEX – G7 – Agreement signed with Rwanda

Rome – 27/11/2017. Signed an agreement with the Republic of Rwanda for the development cooperation envisaged by the CONNEX project.

The Ministry of Economic Development (DGS-UNMIG) has signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a collaboration in the area of mineral resources with the homologous Rwandan office. The initiative is part of the CONNEX project. The cooperation agreement with Rwanda aims to promote the development of a new approach to the mining industry of the Republic of Rwanda, which aims to facilitate the exploitation of stone quarries for construction and the production of high quality materials for construction, art and craftsmanship. The agreement concerns a feasibility study of the district of extraction and processing of marble, including early evidence on geological and technical aspects of the territory, aspects of the market and business opportunities and the regulatory framework of the sector – in particular licensing.

CRIET and DGS UNMIG will follow the implementation of the project, offering technical and legal advice within a working table that will be established to facilitate the dialogue and exchange of information between the parties, as well as know-how exchange  on the respective experiences and skills in the extractive field. The Rwandan Delegation will continue its visit to Italy with a guided tour in Carrara with the aim of knowing the chain of marble, from extraction to its processing. The comparison with Italian operators will allow Rwandan guests to contact the marble district of Carrara, known all over the world for the quality of the product and the expertise accumulated over the centuries by our country in this sector. The visit represents a way of sharing technical, legislative and managerial knowledge between the two countries that fits well into the CONNEX pillar dedicated to capacity building.


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