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Research and innovation for security in offshore operations

The conference is an occasion to present the agreements between the ‘Directorate-General for Security – UNMIG’ from the Ministry of Economic Development and some prestigious bodies and scientific institutions. The group aims to achieve excellent performance in the area of offshore security.

This objective can be pursued through actions regarding the consolidation of 5 important areas of activity: control, carried out through complex analyses of variables and continuous monitoring; skills, understood as being new knowledge and interpretations of best practices; efficiency, i.e. analysis and innovation employed to improve the use of resources; research and innovation, which means identifying and promoting new technologies for monitoring, recording and verifying; and the establishment of dialogue with the regions involved, based on transparency, listening and involvement.

The institutions and institutes of excellence involved are an important network that has played and will play a strategic and operational role in achieving the overall objective through the strengthening of these activities.