Research, innovation and the transfer of technology

‘Consorzio Milano Ricerche’, CRIET and the university of Milan-Bicocca have a mutual interest in initiating a stable form of co-operation in order to better develop and organize the potential of the systems of scientific research and training, with particular reference to the areas of research, innovation and the transfer of technology.
In particular, the collaboration includes:

  • The organizational analysis of complex systems.
  • The creation of systems to support collaboration and community development.
  • The modelling and management of logistic and operational chains.
  • The valuation of the return in investment on research and innovation.

On the basis of this present collaboration agreement, CRIET has participated as a partner in the ‘GRECO – Global & Reliable, End to End e-commerce & Online’ project, a services platform for promoting Italian wine, conducting analyses within a competitive context, with particular reference to aspects of operative marketing.