Raw Materials

The ‘Pietre Lombarde’ brand

The project involves the participation on the technical board of ‘Brand quality and the origin of the ornamental stones of Lombardy’, with the aim of creating a regional brand for the ornamental stones extracted in Lombardy.

The promoter of the initiative is the region of Lombardy, the ‘Directorate-General for Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development’, and also on the board there will be the ‘Lombardy Foundation for the Environment’, ‘Unioncamere Lombardia’, the ‘Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo and Brescia’, the consortium producers ‘Marino Botticino Classico’, the consortium ‘Marmisti Bresciani’ and the ‘Associazione a Marmisti Lombardia’.

Datasheets will be prepared for each material, along with the regulations for the use of the trademark and the concession contract, as well as the implementation of a communication strategy for the promotion and dissemination of the initiative.


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