Public lighting and Smart City

The M2M forum – Public lighting. Which infrastructure for the development of the smart city?

The promotion of a ‘culture of light’ and the knowledge and best practices involved in this culture, is a fundamental prerequisite to enable a country to have a modern and efficient public lighting network and it was for this reason that the ‘Lumière Training Days’, (promoted by ENEA), were conceived. For many years CRIET has actively contributed in both organizing and conducting these training days.

The training days, apart from wanting to be a moment of dialogue with the actors in the lighting industry sector, enable participants to obtain information and advice on the topic of upgrading public lighting facilities and providing an opportunity to discuss the environmental, economic and social impact of the process of modernization of the national public lighting system.

After the success of the 2014 Training Days’ event in Naples, ‘Public lighting. Which infrastructure for the development of the smart city?’, the event is to be repeated in Assago (Milan) at the M2M Forum, in order to continue to offer professionals and local government technicians the opportunity to discuss the themes that best characterize energy efficiency operations.