The observatory on the costs of tax compliance

The fight against tax evasion has a cost that also falls on the shoulders of professionals and their customers. The Order of Chartered Accountants and Accountants of Monza and Brianza (ODCEC MB) and CRIET launched an initial pilot edition of the observatory on tax costs in order to assess, as rigorously as possible, the professional and business costs of early tax compliance.
The research, carried out on the 1,512 members of the ODCEC MB register, focused on 5 tax compliances: communication letters of intent received, reports of transactions with black-listed countries, applications for IRES reimbursement for non-deduction of IRAP, sector research and taxpayer’s annual submission to the tax revenue agency.

The initiative constitutes a first time meeting between professionals and the tax revenue agency to identify together the best solutions to foster a socio-economic recovery of the ‘Italian system’.


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