Public lighting and Smart City

The rules and regulations of the energy sector: the integration of interests and skills

From nuclear to renewable, energy management in Italy today suffers from conflicts of interest among the various bodies involved. The state, regions and local organisations are involved in various ways in the rules and regulations of a sector which today is central to the economy, touching many different aspects; regional government, healthcare and environmental protection and economic relationships, are just some of the delicate aspects that come into play in the governance of energy.

How then do we make the system more efficient while still allowing the institutions to decide quickly and clearly on the opening and locating of energy installations? How do we make decisions which are acceptable, avoiding syndromes like NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and LULU (Locally Undesirable Land Use), which are typical reactions of the local communities involved?

The research analyses the importance of decision making in the Italian energy sector and addresses the different aspects of the problem: conflicts of jurisdiction, conflicts of interest and first and foremost healthcare and the protection of the environment.