Raw Materials

The supply of raw materials and sustainable development

The push towards federalism, the progressive decentralization of decision-making from the centre to the periphery, or from the state to the regions and in turn from the regions to the local authorities, raises the problem of  loss of efficiency for operators who are active in systems regulated by ‘non-homogeneous’ rules and procedures. Bearing in mind the substantial differentiation of regional policies; from policy-making and economic, managerial and regulatory points of view, the commodity market must take into account the demands for the use of resources at multi-regional national and international levels.

For the regions and for the state, it is therefore a problem of identifying the methods of governance in the sector, both procedural and regulatory, which can also represent a reference point or benchmark for the local realities. The meeting therefore aims to contribute to the:

  1. regulatory activities of the state and the regions; specifically to mining activities which have transferred and/or are intending to transfer to the regions and for which the state still exercises power of guidance;
  2. construction of suitable regional management systems for the effective and efficient use of mining resources;
  3. encouragement of the creation of ‘listening systems’ to address the needs/demands of economic operators while remaining coherent with the development of the general regulatory framework (at national, regional and local level).

For all three of the above themes, the goal is to initiate a permanent forum, among scholars and protagonists, in order to give continuity of action to the demands of the diverse operating realities, both institutional and also, more generally, to public realities. It is about developing a system that, on the one hand collects, in an organic way, the multiple requests from the field and, on the other hand produces analyses, evaluations and, if not solutions, at least shared guidelines.