Raw Materials

The technical board at the Ministry of Economic Development

The technical board, convened by the Ministry of Economic Development, involves the participation not only of CRIET, but also of ‘ANIM’, ‘ISTAT’ and ‘ISPRA’.

The aim of the collaboration is to provide data and information relative to the extractive sector; from production data to information about available resources; from the economic conditions of the extractive companies, to investment in research and innovation etc., in order to support local authority decision-makers in their choices of management, planning and administration and for their national and regional policy-making decisions with regards to raw materials, in line with joint guidelines.

In particular, there are five topics covered by the technical board:

  1. Collaboration for the definition and acquisition of statistical data;
  2.  Collaboration for the definition of a strategy for mining policy of raw materials at national and regional level;
  3. Collaboration for the definition and improvement of environmental recovery in mining activities;
  4. Collaboration for the identification, inventory and classification of mining waste disposal facilities, in accordance with the legislative decree no. 117/2008;
  5. Collaboration for an inventory of mining sites that are no longer in use, but which, potentially, can be further exploited.


Lettera Costituzione Tavolo Tecnico