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The world of explosives. In memory of Francesco Retacchi

About 40 years after the adoption of the ministerial decree of 21 April 1979 on “Regulations for the issue of the suitability of explosive products and accessories for shooting for extractive use, pursuant to art. 687 of the Decree of the President of the Republic April 9, 1959, n. 128 “, since the Euronitary and national context of reference was deeply changed, it was deemed necessary to update its contents with a new ministerial decree, in order to update the legislation regarding explosive products for extractive use.

The DGS UNMIG intends to illustrate the contents of the new ministerial decree of 6 February 2018 in the conference “The world of explosives. In memory of Francesco Retacchi” with which the provisions regarding the classification of explosive products and the methods for presenting the application for the issue of the suitability of the products themselves.

The elements of novelty mainly concern the simplification of administrative procedures and communications between operators and the public administration with a view to ensuring the smooth progress of the administrative action as well as its economy and effectiveness. The meeting will be an opportunity for a discussion on the use of explosives at various levels, both institutional and academic and industrial and for a final discussion on the future prospects of the sector, taking into account above all the companies’ point of view.