Working together for the territory – The Coldiretti ‘internationalization’ workshop

In order for the agricultural entrepreneur to access European and international markets with his own products, he needs to acquire new knowledge and skills and to establish partnerships and collaborations outside his/her company, which will be able to support the entrepreneurial decisions and strategic choices of innovation made for the benefit of that company.

CRIET, together with ‘Coldiretti’, ‘CreditAgri Italia’, ‘BNL-BNP Paribas’ and other banks is offering a new service by launching a pilot project to support agricultural businesses in addressing the challenges posed by the current economic environment.

The aim of the meeting is to allow young entrepreneurs the possibility to start learning how to acquire, or to improve their exisiting ways of acquiring better knowledge and information in order to be able to assess the possibilities for developing a business in international markets and from this, learning how to then implement a business growth plan.

The workshop is part of the ‘Working together for the territory’ round of meetings.