Health economics

Since 1978, the year of the introduction of the three ‘health reforms’, Italian health legislation has undergone major changes due to the fact that the national healthcare system plays a very important role within the national budget items.

‘CRIET Health Economics’ presents research and projects that aim to analyze the management of the National Health Service (NHS) , (the ‘Servizio Sanitario Nazionale’, SSN) in every aspect. The studies, starting from the observation of local experiences in the field of hospital-region integration, develop comparisons between the relationship between states and regions with reference to health regulation, also from an international point of view.

The research projects evaluate both the governance and efficiency of a managerial approach based on the direction of goals and the views of the public on the merit of the health system as a whole, in order to investigate the role of technology in the support of governance of the Italian NHS and the quality of healthcare.